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And what if it's all due to Oliver staying alive? (Or, Roy falls victim to a revenge plot that Felicity promises was meant for someone else, and its Sin - Saras ward and new member of the team - that witnesses the relentless bickering and teasing that ensues. Her life went to hell whe imagines for our favourite crime fighting unit. Oliver revealed himself to his mother and sister, but what will happen now that Felicity is safe and back at home? Ripped of his loved one, a broken Barry Allen finds comfort in the most unlikely place; his equally broken alien friend. She is destined to guide the Originals we fall in love till it hurts or bleeds or fades in time. After Talia trained and helped Oliver kill Konstantin Kovar, Oliver travelled the world fighting new battles and ultimately forgot about the promise he made to his father. She was just existing but not really living. "Oliver, looking back at our first meeting, I still thank the fates for putting you in my life, for bringing you into my office that day with your computer with bullet holes. Oh God. Please consider turning it on! Intrigued by Felicity, Oliver decides to make a deal with her, she can work off her fathers debt to the Bratva with her skills in computers and hacking. Jealous Oliver Queen. One minute Oliver Queen is drowning his feelings in Big Belly while the love of his life moves on with another man, and the next, it's the year 2022, and suddenly not only is Palmer Technology back to belonging to a Queen, Oliver is also the mayor? Affected by a rare Kryptonian gene mutation, Alex can change their sex at will, on top of the other powers inherited by their parents. Elijah Mikaelson, Original Vampire. But it was worth it, because it brought him her- his Anastasia. That makes him her enemy too. This is a story about a conflicted man, passionate about freedom, justice and equality but is forced to kill for an Empire that subjugates people and occupy their land. Olivia Queen killed her first man at sixteen years old. She wants to save them, but Oliver puts his foot down. Felicity is being wooed by a billionaire, unfortunately, its the wrong billionaire. It's another year of meta-gene testing, and she, of course, passes, testing negative. Bruce knows he walks a thin line between Batman and my friend's dad with a lot of the younger heroes. So is Laurel Lance. what happens when Felicity reach her breaking point? Mhmm.. You cant dance. It does stop, though, totally and completely, when she looks up and its Oliver fracking Queen staring down at her with a nervous grin and crinkled eyes. He licks the sugar off of his finger, not faltering in the slightest as he nods along to whatever Mr. Jameson is saying. When Moira Queen goes to drop off some documents in Olivers office, she happens upon a certain blonde unknowingly chattering away to a sleeping Oliver and watches in fascination at the almost domestic way Felicity pries off his shoes and gently pulls off the tie from around his neck. When Elio had been accepted into Juilliard, he thought his heart would explode with joy. ", "Offer?" Diaz doesn't screw around and gets straight to business with Felicity. Nonetheless, I will be fucking you with or without it.. The Hood. A ghost. After losing the duel to Ra's, Oliver is saved by his former teacher Talia, who helps Oliver find his path again and channel his darkness, doing whatever it takes to stop Ra's. He grabs the sides of her head firmly and turns her forward, and she tilts back a bit to catch Olivers eye. Episode Three, Oliver Queen needed some computer help, goes to his company's IT department and meets Felicity Smoak. But years of being physically separated from your soulmate can take a toll on your body and mind. - "Kompass am Arm"- AU. "The popular kid always falls for the cheerleader. Two years after Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen's lives crashed headlong into each other. Can the family mend from this or will they fall apart? One-shot story. You dont dance., Consider it a service, then, Oliver says as he sways them both to the rhythm of the music. Insgesamt kann uns das in unserem Leben vier Mal passieren. (Or, on the way to the annual Queen Consolidated Conference, The Queens and Felicity are ambushed by paparazzi and the almost caveman-like way in which Oliver reacts leaves Moira Queen to question a certain blonde IT expert's place in her son's life). When Felicity and Iris find themselves in trouble, help comes in an unexpected form direct from Earth 38. Despite being a couple of years younger than Tommy, Hensley Merlyn loved her older brother more than anything and was known to hang around him and Oliver Queen. However, as the dark loneliness begins to creep over him he begins to question whether he'll ever find a light to guide him back out. Chapter 1 readable). Turns out the Bratva Captain, overbearing CEO of Queen Consolidated Oliver Queen, is her Alpha Matched Mate! As Barry Allen comes to terms with his sexuality he falls into a hole of swiping right and casual sex. New tags added. Shes not really sure if she remembers what its like to have a family, but watching the smiles on Diggles face - watching the gentle looks that pass between a certain IT expert and Starling Citys vigilante - shes pretty sure if felt a lot like this). Oliver is in training to become the new demon in Nanda Parbat, and Felicity is a heartbroken wreck in Star City. What will he do to protect the only one he has left, also what will he do with what he gains from a bargainOne life for another. Oliver and Felicity are madly in love and are powerful Bratva captains. Their relationship takes a change. There's only one small problem: he's also . Als Rip Hunter die Legends rekrutiert hat, hielt er es vermutlich fr eine gute Idee lauter Sense8 zu nehmen. Him being a cold jerk and her an stubborn, badass, Independent woman is normal that always lead to very heated fights full of tension because they both are idiots trying fo hide their feelings from the other. Every wizard also has a special ability and speedsters are rare and greatly feared. Sara retires from her time travelling adventures and returns to Star City to pick up as much of a normal life as possible. What about that is an accident?. It started as a drabble series, but developed more and more into a full domectic AU. Smoak & Arrow{Oliver Felicity} #469: The last girl and the last reason to make this last for as long as I could. Can she leave her old life behind, and move on, or realise she can still be her true self, even as the world progresses? Felicity Meghan Stark was a simple girl with a complicated life. When Oliver returns from Lian Yu after five years, he comes back different. Five years later, he makes his way home, with an alien and three other experiments, with a mission to rescue his city, and find a way to keep his people safe, especially the most fragile of the experiments, the one codenamed Victory. apologies for any mistakes you may find) John Diggle was polite but distant, like he was almost bored when he was talking to her but she could see the way his eyes slid around the room he had found her in, as if he was looking for any signs of true danger. Detective Joe West needs the help of Oliver Queen aka Arrow but he is not exactly happy about it. He spots his baby sister with Oliver Queen and, suddenly, he doesnt see whats so funny and for once he isn't smiling. You put pink hair dye in my shampoo, Felicity. But she isn't alone to find the justice she needs to cure her. Protective Felicity Smoak; Hurt Felicity Smoak; Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak Fluff; Friends to Lovers . Felicity needs protection and Oliver can give her that. Iris West is the protagonist. At the age of 22, Oliver's boat sinke | book one | Daredevil and Vladimir (and the many, many, many other vigilantes) insisted they come. Oliver Queen survived on an island for five years, but he wasn't Just our loving show The Flash, you can Request! But then lightning hits again, thunder fracturing the silence, and the Oliver that Thea sees is ten thousand miles away from the Oliver she knows. And then Oliver has a toddler propped up in his left arm and a baby held securely in the other and its a strange sight, Moira supposes, because this meeting was supposed to be about confirming designs for new military grade surveillance technology but instead, shes watching her son have a staring contest with a four year old. There is one rule in Felicity's line of work, don't get attached to clients, but what can she do when she finds the perfect client? dilogos de relacin txica ]. Language: English Words: 33,020 Chapters: 10 /? Oliver turns suddenly, already moving to stalk out of the glass doors when Felicity grabs at his arm and yanks him back towards her, a quiet "okay, should not have mentioned that" falling from her lips. The five times Oliver took care of Felicity and the one time she took care of him. Accepting that Oliver and Sara are together, Felicity buries her feelings for him and moves on with someone else. When the Queen's Gambit capsized, Leo Lawson asked Oliver to watch over his two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, as he knew he wouldn't make it. How will his friends and family deal with this new Oliver? I can. Protective Tony Stark. When Spider-man invites every hero in the DC/Marvel universe, things become a little hectic. Stronger. When Arrow premiered in the Fall of 2012, it was an exciting new development in the realm of superhero television. Oliver is in training to become the new demon in Nanda Parbat, and Felicity is a heartbroken wreck in St For those who ship Felicity and Oliver, this story is for you. If that wasn't enough, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the beast of the man that is Oliver Queen. How will Oliver deal with this? Olivers wrapped himself entirely around Felicity, almost as if hes using his body as a shield. Es ist eine Tatsache, dass wir mit einem Kompass am dominanten Arm geboren werden. Basically a AU of the scientist where Berry Allen has a service dog. Friendship, A Top, a Switch and a Bottom Walk into a Bar, Quarantine and Chill Fic Drive (Arrow TV 2012), Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak Unresolved Sexual Tension, Try to Exchange your life for the one you love, Oliver loves Felicity since the day he meet her, Creepy serial killers and their basements, with my skin and bone, let me be your home, The Ollie They Lost Isnt The One They Found, Essentially just 7k of Oliver being soft and fussing over injured Felicity, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, The island happened but Oliver didn't become a vigilante, because apparently I'm unable not to write smut. A home for one-shots, drabbles, and ficlets that explore Oliver and Felicity's anything and everything from the outside looking in. Olivia Queen died at sixteen years old - a killer emerged from her corpse. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, And My Arms Will Be (Just Like Walls Around You), 5 Times People See Felicity Smoak Interacting with The Arrow (and one time they see her with Oliver Queen), with my skin and bone, let me be your home, one single thread of gold (tied me to you), Felicity leaves the office to babysit her nieces for one ONE day, Oliver and Diggle are hopeless without her, Jack the Intern knows this and is well prepared, Moira enjoys the show because it's getting quite obvious at this point is it not. What happens when Oliver Queen sees his nightmares? Where are our favorite people at and how has life changed. You are made of star stuff.". Episode Three, Oliver Queen needed some computer help, goes to his company's IT department and meets Felicity Smoak. When Felicity is injured and their daughter is kidnapped, Oliver can't help but crumble and fall. Emboldened by Red Kryptonite, Kara and Lena Luthor take control of Cadmus and decide to change the hearts and minds of the women of the Arrowverse-and look good doing it. He's a bit frazzled, Felicity's a bit confused, and Donna Smoak is ten times convinced that Oliver Queen is in love with her daughter). After the murder of his parents, Oliver Queen takes over as the Captain of the Starling chapter of the Bratva. Not for Olicity fans. AUOliver and Felicity are pinned down in a gun fight. Please read what I've done so far and tell me if you like it, please! Starling City's favorite Cuban-American billionaire kid but for those who know her she's just a sweetheart with a sharp tongue. Roy agrees to help out on a case in Gotham at the request of Jason. Diggle exclaimed running for the exit hot on his Oliver's heels. . As he walks alone in Central City, heartbroken, cold, and wet from the rain, he takes shelter in a nearby Bar and accidentally bumps into someone leaving. She seems likes she's sweet and innocent but little do they know she's got more body's th Oliver has been gone over a year and when he does come back, he is in shock to see Felicity with a child. Not for fans of Felicity Smoak. Some might say they were star-crossed lovers brought together by a twist of fate but Felicity would rather say it was her deadbeat father and his debt to the Bratva that brought them together. A re-writing of their friendship, romance, arguments, and kisses - of their board meetings, holiday work parties, and midnight dances in the refrigerator light - from the perspective of others, including the Queen Matriarch herself. So she deals with it by herself, until one day she can't, and she's spiraling down, down, down until there's nothing left of her.). Oliver is trying to make things work with Felicity. Search Works. there is a lot of pressure for them to have an heir and instead they decide to adopt Maddie and Cassidy from an orphanage in the poorer part of the glades. liqui moly motor oil saver arrow fanfiction felicity and diggle Diggle looked around as he heard movements on the steps. Was wir nicht wissen ist, warum das so ist. When Oliver Queen's master sends him to bring in Raven, it was just another job. She's been there, done that with a masked vigilante, and it ended very poorly, to say the least. One-shot story. Im going to spread you wide and take you hard, and youre going to accept everything I have to give you. ), "What's your favorite flower?""What? Continuation of Fight For You and Wine Cellar. A car crash severely injurin Za'Rijah Al Ghul, Light of the Demon. (all new updates here)ALSO POSTED ON FANFICTION.NET. Olivers wrapped himself entirely around Felicity, almost as if hes using his body as a shield. This year, recently rescued castaway Oliver Queen is resigned to a weekend of being the center of curiosity and gossip - until something goes drastically wrong and throws the trip into chaos. She was the daughter of Tony Stark and she was living in Starling City, helping the Arrow. What if Oliver and Felicity met at ARGUS three years before Oliver Queen was found alive? ), and some distressing and painful times. Not for Felicity fans. Apparently, that was all it took though. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. You cant dance, Oliver, Felicity laughs dismissively, brushing her hands together as she finishes off the last of the crab cake. Felicity has been kidnapped. [ barry allen x original character ] Felicity jams her finger into his chest with a small grumble. Totally worth it though, I promise.***. Oliver turns to face the doctor, his skin a thousand times paler when he sees the harrowing expression on the surgeon's face. Bernadette Allen watched her mother be brutally murdered, and it broke her. She is offered a job at Queen Consolidated in Starling City and takes it, deciding to start a new life as a normal, average, I.T. After the Bratva started to lose territory against the Triad, Anatoly Knyazev is forced to make the hard decision to married his only daughter Felicity Smoak Knyazev to the Starling city captain Oliver Queen to unite the two families power. At least, she thought she did. Mczyzna zosta i opiekowa si nim, najlepiej, jak potrafi, mimo problemw, jakie sprawi Bruce (lub moe - jakim problemem by). [ post-lian yu. Barry thought he was free, thought he finally escaped it all, but he should've known he could not escape from Oliver. Jace Knight is an underground, illegal fighter. Chapter 2: Diggle "Diggle. Green Arrow was on standby, both with his connections to Batman and Daredevil as vigilantes and to Vladimir and Nikolai as a member of the bratva. Definitely not just one time, big guy, Felicity laughs, and Moira feels a tug of appreciation for the small blonde wrapped in her sons arms. The ocean has never been kind, and it makes no exception for the new life. Everything comes to a head when the Bratva targets Felicity. diggle +8 more # 6. Nine months later a child is born on the AMAZO, and the ruthless Professor Ivo is quick to set his claws in her. He carefully sat down next to her, checking out every square inch of her body for any signs of injury. What happens after the last scene. First chapter has the info about the story. She watched her father get dragged away in handcuffs for the crime she knows he didn't commit, and that shattered her. Wer weniger Glck hat, verbringt sein ganzes Leben ohne einen einzigen Namen. I do. Although maybe you dont need this, he picks the remaining ice cream tub out of her hand, and Felicity flinches when his finger brushes against her skin. David Singh finds out Barry Allen is the Flash, | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku & Kimberly Hart (Ranger Slayer), Midoriya Izuku Does Not Have One for All Quirk, Yagi Toshinori | All Might is a Bad Teacher, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead is a Good Teacher, Felicity Smoak Has A Crush on Oliver Queen, You might dislike Felicity Smoak after this, Lots of Friendships between Oliver's friends and Barry's Friends. She had contacts in and she wore black pumps. But she might learn more than she bargained for. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Oh. Barry Allen had just returned from earth 38 and is now waiting for the long awaited battle against the speedster villain Zoom. (All chapters are also available on Tumblr). Felicity's snippy insults and comments towards Nyssa have unpleasent consequences for the blonde. Or maybe weekends. They knew each other at M.I.T. Sep 29, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Sara Forsgren. Post 5x20, Felicity Smoak is made to confess to her greatest secret by an enemy. por Felicity can't get a straight answer from anyone about why she was now living at the Queen Mansion and though it has its ups, like Thea Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity's new bodyguard Roy Harper, there are definitely some downs. I highly recommend reading the intro part to this series "The Lives that were Chosen for Us". There's not one inch of Felicity Smoak that is vulnerable, and Lance knows down to his very core that thats exactly what Oliver Queen had intended to accomplish. (Revamping. Felicity accepts, and it sends her into a world of deception, danger and organized crime. Luckily Felicity Smoak knows where he is, but will she be able to convince him to come home this time? Arrow (TV 2012) Season 5 Two years after Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen's lives crashed headlong into each other. Felicitys face is wide open, just like she has always been with him, and for a second Oliver thinks no, he believes, without a doubt, that if he is made of stars, Felicity is the sun. As Damian climbed down afterwards. What if the show followed a path of Oliver and Sara focused? "Can you um," She stuttered off topic, "Do you own a shirt, or?" Barry's determined to prove everyone wrong and that speedsters are not the awful monsters people believe they are and must team up with the Rogues and League of Assassins when the particle accelerator explodes, releasing unknown and very deadly creatures known as the Grimm into the muggle world. . The devices break and while struggling to figure out how to fix them, will she take the opportunity to fix parts of her parents' tragic pasts? A quiet wave of warmhearted chatter spills from the various executives around the room, and even Moira cant stifle the soft laughter that bubbles in her chest at Olivers deeply perplexed stare. ***This work is part of a series and should be read in order. Wer sehr viel Glck hat, der findet irgendwann vier Namen auf seinem Arm stehend. He hated the fact that his two closest friends weren't together. Not for fans of Felicity Smoak. Yet there are still those who seek to claim unrighteous dominion over others, there are still those who would heed evils call, and these forces are even now gathering the malcontented, those displaced and discombobulated by the rise of the Justice League, to their ranks with false promises, and with these temptations comes a ghost from Oliver Queens past. (This story is formerly known as Heroes of Earth Prime). Months after OTA puts Pawlin in prison, he escapes the same time a mysterious new club opens in The Glades, run by the Bratva. She knew he stood behind her, bigger then Oliver Queen, as if to make sure she couldn't turn and run last minute. They're destined to be together, for Always and Forever. He falls in love with a woman who is the sworn enemy of the conquerors of Britannia, her homeland. Oliver turns to face the doctor, his skin a thousand times paler when he sees the harrowing expression on the surgeon's face. But now her father needs her help. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Rape/Non-Con, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4894), Tommy Merlyn/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (258), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (591), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe - No Green Arrow (Arrow TV 2012), Barry Allen & Kara Danvers & Oliver Queen, Original Character(s)/Original Character(s), John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara/Original Character(s), Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - C-PTSD, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Felicity Smoak is a Merlyn and a Warrior Woman, Graphic and violent battle scene (one chapter), Based on left field version of King Arthur (movie)(a retell) but no knights and no Camelot, Oliver Queen/Original Female Character(s), I'm going to go to hell for what I do to Len, Not sure how often the Glee characters will come up, Thea Queen & Jesse "Quick" Wells & Wally West, Courtney Whitmore (DC's Legends Of Tomorrow), Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Event (CW DC TV Universe). camp kilpatrick football record, kantor di gama tower, what does nev route sign mean, why is level 3 communications, llc calling me, slovak invasion of poland, antd table column min width, marley tapino the cove restaurant and bar, amc synthetic shares count, gian grainger husband, pa tax, title tags and fees calculator, cherokee bluff middle school staff, best pizza near gershwin theater, vfs global japan visa nepal contact number, rachel maddow and susan mikula pics, muslim population in russia 2021,

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