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"To learn the way!" Beloved, we become, I say again, the followers of Christ by being made partakers of his life, and unless his life be in us, we may say what we will about Christ, and profess what we like about following him; but we are not in the secret. Let this, then, be fully established in our minds. Then, my brethren, shall it be seen what Christ's death has accomplished, for "the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.". Thus have I talked with you in a very poor and feeble way, as far as my speech is concerned: but the doctrine is not feeble, the gospel is not poor. Because he willingly took the place of sinners and prayed for their forgiveness, he is now exalted to the highest place (12). Isaac, who might have struggled and escaped from his father, declares that he is willing to die, if God hath decreed it. The first drops of that living spring, the whole outcome of the spring, and the spring itself, came from him. And that's when you get laid out of the game. Upon Christ, the myriad eyes of the redeemed are perpetually fixed; and thousands of pilgrims, through this world of tears, have no higher object for their faith, and no better desire for their vision, than to see Christ as he is in heaven, and in communion to behold his person. Christ accommodated himself to this dispensation, and received the impressions of grief from his Father's delivering him up; and he was troubled to such a degree that it put him into an agony, and he began to be amazed and very heavy. z "quum posueris delictum animam ejus", De Dieu. he sings whilst the fagots are crackling and the smoke is blowing upward. The Word of God is divinely inspired; it's inerrant. * We are of his seed, and so we are near akin to him. What can be the good of it?" And John said, "And I turned and I saw Him as a lamb that hath been slaughtered" ( Revelation 5:2-6 ). "God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." It would not be worth angels singing "Glory to God in the highest" about it, I should think. It is for them that he bears Gods punishment (4-6).The servant is treated cruelly, but he bears it silently. There is a stern compression of his face, as if unutterable agony were tearing his heart as if over again Gethsemane were being acted on the cross as if his soul were still saying, "If it be possible let this cross pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt." And I'll go into an area to speak and all they've heard is my voice. Isaiah 53:9). That his great undertaking shall be successful and shall answer expectation: The pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand. In a word, the redemption wrought by Christ being the full deliverance of the persons redeemed from all misery, wherein they were inwrapped, by the price of his blood, it can not possibly be conceived to be universal unless all be saved: so that the opinion of the Universalists is unsuitable to redemption.". Ah! He is the Bridegroom, they make up the bride; and the bridegroom's joy is not in seeing his bride for once on the wedding-day, but he takes delight in her as long as they both live. No, sir: if I am to be punished, Justice says; at any rate, that it shall be for my own sins, but if I am to be eternally a castaway from God's presence merely as a sort of trick of government to maintain the dignity of his law, I cannot understand the justice of this. Do you feel it? It is a sacrifice for the removal of sin. 10.Yet Jehovah was pleased to bruise him. And are we ever in our right senses, brethren, till the Holy Spirit really brings us into them? How transcendently glorious are the nail-prints! God's good pleasure is, that that this world shall one day be totally redeemed from sin; God's good pleasure is, that this poor planet, so long swathed in darkness, shall soon shine out in brightness, like a new-born sun. Well, whoever wrote that chorus doesn't have a real understanding of scripture, because they have taken it out of its context. This final stanza gives the explanation for the Servants submissive suffering for sinners and so completes the song. "He was numbered with the transgressors and made intercession for the transgressors" (Isaiah 53:12). Yes, my brethren, he took the cup, and. He will not come short of his end in any part of his work, but will himself see that he has not laboured in vain. 3. Why his seed? The sacrifice of one man would not even wipe out that one man's sins, much less the sins of all men. The guilt offering in Israel made reparation, compensation, and satisfaction (Leviticus 5:1-13). Sin must be punished. If so, the implication is that Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is about Israel, not Jesus. 8 The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel. My inmost soul glories in the Head of my clan in him of the pierced hands, and the nailed feet, who wears for his princely star the lance-mark in his side! Isaiah 53:10 - But the Lord was pleased To crush Him, putting Him to grief; If He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He will prolong His days, And the good pleasure of the Lord will prosper in His hand. We are to be witnesses to the truth as Jesus was, and to go about doing good as he did, and to seek and save the lost after his example. Now, beloved, there be many who think that God the Father is at best but an indifferent spectator of salvation. His bones are every one of them dislocated, and his body is thus torn with agonies which can not be described. (Exodus 29:15) And if a private individual offered a sacrifice, he also laid his hand upon it, as if he threw upon it his own sin. May he now be found of them who sought not for him, and he shall have the glory, world without end. Brethren, our Savior will always behold his redeemed ones. We have sinned; we all like sheep have gone astray; and we must be punished for it. And if sin deserve not to be punished, what is Tophet but injustice on a monstrous scale? Do not fear. And so that we might see the relationship with 53, we will begin our study of chapter 53 with verse Isaiah 52:13 of 52. Be worthy of your high calling. 400.]. If ye can give an offering for sin, your soul shall see a long-lived seed: 11the Lord also is pleased to take away from the travail of his soul, to shew him light, and to form him with understanding; to justify the just one who serves many well; and he shall bear their sins. Have courage, sinner; have courage. Understand, then, the sense in which Christ was made a sacrifice for sin. Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him - In this verse, the prediction respecting the final glory and triumph of the Messiah commences. He turns to some who look upon him, and exclaims, "I value these iron chains far more than if they had been of gold; it is a sweet thing to die for Christ. Isaiah 53:10. The context begins in Isaiah 52:13 and continues through Isaiah 53:12: Pardon takes away our filth, but then it leaves us naked; justification puts a royal robe upon us. Take it as a standing miracle that there are any godly people on the face of the earth; for there would not be one were it not for the exertion of miraculous power. I pause once more; for I hear some timid soul say "But, sir, I am afraid I am not elect, and if so, Christ did not die for me." Look at him: look at his rags; how foul they are! And being humbled, He came as a servant" ( Philippians 2:6-8 ). Christian life needs to have daily the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Content: Part Seven. Oh, I like this, "He shall see his seed"! I. If you do not want it it is no hardship that it is not provided for you; but if you really feel that you want it, you are God's elect. God forsook His Son when your sin was placed upon Him. With its theater and public-house, it carries on its back two of the greatest instruments of evil yet known. Even if they go to bed in the dark, they fall asleep the sooner; but in either case, their Lord will see them if they cannot see him. He promises to make his soul an offering for sin, consents that the Father shall deliver him up, and undertakes to bear the sin of many, in consideration of which the Father promises to glorify him, not only with the glory he had, as God, before the world was (John 17:5), but with the glories of the Mediator. God has authorized and appointed him to do it; it is according to God's will and for his honour that he does it. 5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. He shall have the glory of an everlasting Father. That he shall live to see his seed. where is the asian carp originally from . If we are not like Christ, it is not possible that we are his seed, for the seed is like the parent. They answered, "We go to see him burn that we may learn the way." I have profited greatly from R. R. Ottley, The Book of Isaiah according to the LXX (Codex Alexandrinus) (3 vols; London: Cambridge University Press, 1904-1906). (2.) That love which he displayed in his death has touched the mainspring of our being, and moved us with a passion to which we were strangers before; and, because of this, we hate the sins that once were sweet, and turn with all our hearts to the obedience that once was so unpleasant. Isaiah 9:10 Context. he is fresh from the swine-trough! Thus have I expounded the first part of the subject the origin of our Saviour's worst sufferings, the Father's pleasure. God is willing to wait. There are some of God's elect here, and he will have you. Footnotes. Some refer it to believers: He shall see a seed that shall prolong its days, agreeing with Psalms 89:29; Psalms 89:36, His seed shall endure for ever. You may put away your crowns, ye kings and emperors earth, yellow earth, hammered, and decorated, with other sparkling bits of soil you may put them all away, as altogether outdone in value! "We are going to Smithfield." I must, if I would escape, and would procure a substitute, find a man who is not drawn, and who is therefore exempt. This stanza points to the glorification which God appointed for the Suffering Servant after the sufferings ended, constituting the problem that remained insoluble for the pre-Christian prophets. Hearest thou the cry of his spirit, which is suffering more than his body suffers "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" "He is my righteous servant, and as such justifies men." He has laid upon him heavy sufferings. Do not take anything to Christ. He has divided the spoils, the fruits of his conquest, to all that are his: let us therefore cast in our lot among them. Read online Bible study, search parallel bibles, cross reference verses, compare translations & post comments in bible commentaries at Christ was put to death by the absolute foreknowledge and solemn decree of God the Father, and in this sense "it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief.". Can you conceive how he stifled his emotions, and, with sobs, exclaimed, "My son, God will provide himself a lamb." It has great effect upon men when they are born again, and are saved from the wrath to come, and are full of gratitude on this account; but before that happens, we have known men admire the conduct of Christ, and even write books about the beauty of his character, while, at the same time, they have denied his Godhead. If you'll just lift up Jesus, He'll draw all men to Him, you see. There is no knowing Christ except through the new birth. Righteous men know themselves to be sinners: sinners believe themselves to be righteous men. What faith and obedience made man do, that love constrained God himself to do. We love him that died, but we rejoice that he who died is not dead, but ever liveth to make intercession for us. Christ was an offering for sin, in the sense of a substitute. "He shall see his seed." And you say, "Did Christ drink it all to its dregs?" See how the cruel iron drags through his tender hands! God did not send Christ forever into hell; but he put on Christ, punishment that was equivalent for that. It may possibly be gloomy with some of you; but it is not often dark at death-time. Masoretic Text. He had laid in Jehovah's bosom from before all worlds, eternally delighting himself in his Father, and being himself his Father's eternal joy. 7 He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open . Christ did not make himself a sin-offering without a warrant from the Most High: God made him so. If I am to be damned for the sake of other people, I demur to it. Out of the land of the living. IV. And the pleasure of the Lord - That is, that which shall please Yahweh; the work which he desire and appoints. "If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure."- Good News Bible (Catholic edition in Septuagint order) In short, (asham) is equivalent to the Latin word piaculum, (56) an expiatory sacrifice. And when we speak of the Saviour of the world, we must always include in that word, if we speak in a large sense, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, for all these three, as one God, do save us from our sins. These are secured to him by the covenant of redemption, which Isaiah 53:10-12 give us some idea of. What is it but an infinite outrage against everything which is honest and right, if these creatures are punished for anything short of their own deserts. They shall answer, "Ay, ay, ay, we are here; we are here!" And now, beloved, if by his death we have become his seed (and I think I speak at this time to many who can truly say they hope that it is so with them), then let us consider the fact for a minute. He rose again the third day. . 3. Oh, the joy, the delight, of our Well-beloved in that day! Oh," says one, "you mean that the Baptists ought to get together!" 10The Lord also is pleased to purge him from his stroke. Some are seeking; they have hardly found; they are longing; they have scarcely realized the way of faith. However, as they think further they realize that he is suffering not for his own sins, but for the sins of others; in fact, their sins. Herein was matchless, peerless love, that the offended judge should permit his co-equal Son to suffer the pains of death for the redemption of a rebellious people. And yet, without seeing the physical person, it is possible to be in love with an individual and yet not be physically attracted. The Exaltation of the Messiah; The Triumph of the Messiah. Beloved, if it had been possible to destroy the church of God on earth, it would have been destroyed long ago. Stern as fate, and fast as immutability, is the truth that I must be just. To establish this, let me appeal to the conscience I will not say to the conscience of a man who has, by years of sin, dwindled it down to the very lowest degree, but let me appeal to the conscience of an awakened sinner, a sinner under the influence of the Holy Spirit. I thought, "Man alive, this is going to be great!" Cannot thy conscience rest on that? Why, because it was by reason of his death for us that the Father could come and deal with us, and the Spirit could breathe upon us, and new-create us. In other words, we'll not be attracted to Him by the physical beauty. He has done so in the Saviour; and what God provides, God must and will accept. Sometimes it is a question whether they are his seed or not a very great question with themselves, but none with him: he sees his seed. But now the joyous truths come up that Christ's work is finished. Thus Isaiah declares that in the head and the members there shall be immortal life. We are towards Christ, his seed, and thus we are heirs to all that he has heirs to his business on earth, heirs to his estate in heaven. Let us try if we can see it is so. He subjected himself to that which to us is the wages of sin (Isaiah 53:12; Isaiah 53:12): He has poured out his soul unto death, poured it out as water, so little account did he make of it, when the laying of it down was the appointed means of our redemption and salvation. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" But now to go a step further, and with as much brevity as possible. The word, that incorruptible see, of which they are born again, is his word; the Spirit, the great author of their regeneration, is his Spirit; and it is his image that is impressed upon them. There is no effect of Christ's death that is left to peradventure. It was my sin that put Him on the cross. "Which things the angels desire to look into," said the apostle. Look upon the whole transaction of a substitute, and of Christ becoming the second Adam, as being a matter of pure, rich, free, sovereign grace, and never indulge the atrocious thought, I pray you, that there was justice, and justice only here; but do magnify the love and pity of God in that he did devise and accomplish the great plan of salvation by an atoning sacrifice. And then come to earth, and go, like Jonah went, though with another message than Jonah carried, through the highways and the broadways, the streets and thoroughfares of the exceeding great city, and proclaim that sin is not to be punished for its own intrinsic desert and baseness. The prey shall not be taken from the mighty; the lawful captive shall be delivered. That He might bear my iniquities, my transgressions, my guilt, die in my place in order that through His death I can now come to God and have fellowship with God. He shall see his seed, number his followers in the countless millions; he shall prolong his days, be raised from the dead; the pleasure of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand, 1e., righteousness shall prosper in the world; he shall justify many, 1e., countless millions shall be saved from their sins through him; I will divide him a portion with the great, Jesus Christ shall attain worldwide and perpetual "greatness." he speaks. what a debtor to grace you will be! My sister worked with her sister, and as they talked "My brother," "Oh, my sister " "Well, my sister thinks your brother is cute," or something. The eye of Christ is never off from the eye of faith. Do you know anything about this divine life? They hurry from the house silently and noiselessly, before the mother is awake. "It pleased Jehovah to bruise him; he hath put him to griefs." But if one reads each passage in Greek, light bulbs start turning on. Isaiah 53:10 Context. Behold, my servant shall deal prudently, he shall be exalted and extolled ( Isaiah 52:13 ). That's sheer unscriptural idiocy. The point is moot, however, because both Yahweh and the Servant made the Servant an offering for sin. "He shall be exalted and lifted up, and be very high.". Isaiah 53:10 CSB. Impossible! Many of the Lord's children have a fine candle to go to bed with. "He that believeth on him is not condemned;" "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus." But please to observe (see if you cannot throw your grappling-hooks upon this), the dignity of his sacred person made him the most proper person for a substitute. It is fulfilled in the reign of the Redeemer on earth and in his eternal existence and glory in heaven. The Lord also is pleased to purge him from his stroke. And the wall shall be built again in troublous times, and after the three score and two sevens shall the Messiah be cut off. His fellow citizens are just as heartless, and show no concern that he suffers death unjustly. Christ having died for us, we came into another relation to justice, and it became possible for us to be regenerated, and brought into the household of God. Jesus is no longer dead. Taking our text, then, as a guide, we propose to visit Calvary, hoping to have the help of the Holy Spirit whilst we look upon him who died upon the cross. God's living children may not seem to be quite so handsome, nor so charmingly arrayed as you are, and in their own esteem they may not be worthy to consort with you; but there is a solemn difference between the living child and the dead child, however you may try to conceal it. But then my heart desires to forgive to pass by man's transgressions and pardon them. Read the 22nd Psalm, and learn how Jesus suffered. The King is not off the ground yet: the battle will be won by his armies. Man may put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter; darkness for light, and light for darkness; but this follows him as a dog at the heels of its master, a sense that virtue should be rewarded, and that sin must be punished. The Septuagint reads it, "He shall see a long-lived seed." 24 Israel is comforted with promise of deliverance from Assyria. 10-11 ***** ISAIAH 53. compelled him to it. If you have begun believingly to pray for salvation, you have therein a sure evidence that you are saved. We take life from our parents, this links us with the first Adam: we have taken life from Christ, and this joins us to the second Adam. In both the Septuagint and Abinadi's discourse, a singular word is changed to a plural word three times, each when translating a word describing iniquity or sin. Do not try to live without the living, loving Friend of sinners. I read in one of the apocrypha books, one of the early writings, a description of Paul the apostle. "The Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all." It does not say that he shall see his seed for so long, and then no longer; but it stands as a prophecy fulfilled, always fulfilling, and always to be fulfilled: "He shall see his seed." They look upon Him as an unloving, severe Being, who had no love to the human race, and could only be made loving by the death and agonies of our Saviour. But when he talks about the crucifixion, he speaks about the predetermined counsel and the foreknowledge of God. There was not so much as an atom of chance work in the Saviour's death. You don't get the full brunt of it. He is himself righteous, and of his righteousness have all we received. from ancient and medieval sources. Because face it, the majority of the people are ugly. "Of all whom thou hast given me, I have lost none." my righteous servant shall justify many ( Isaiah 53:11 ); So how many of us tonight have been justified before God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ? The truth is that the original Hebrew language is untranslatable! That which he purchased for us by his death, he lives to secure for us by his life. Well do I recollect, as a child, how man hours, how many days, I spent looking at the pictures in an old-fashioned "Book of Martyrs," and wondering how the men of God suffered, as they did, so bravely. There are many whom Christ justifies, not all (multitudes perish in their sins), yet many, even as many as he gave his life a ransom for, as many as the Lord our God shall call. The beauty of it is, that this look of Christ, whereby he sees his seed, is one of intense delight. So often we have in our minds sort of a mental picture of what a person may look like. You are of the blood royal of heaven. I recommend considering the Septuagint for the fact that it is the most oft quoted text family in the New Testament and resolved many textual issues that arose from the Latin Vulgate "fudging" of Hebrew readings which did not match the LXX, inherited in many English translations to this day. The sense of this verse is, he was subjected to these sufferings, not on account of any sins of his, but because, under the circumstances of the case, his sufferings would be pleasing to Yahweh. If you can give an offering for sin, your soul shall see a long-lived seed: 11 the Lord also is pleased to take away from the travail of his soul, to show him light, and to form him with . "Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand." The more assured we are of his death, the more assured we feel of the life of all who are in him. "Shalls" and "wills" made the covenant fast: Christ's bloody death shall effect its solemn purpose. Such is Jesus Christ. Poor trembling sinner, look up a moment. We are out of the spiritual world altogether that world of which he is the Head, the Creator, the Lord. +. Adam Clarke Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible - Isaiah 53:5. Given the explicit mention of death in Isaiah 53:9 and the fact that his life is a sacrificial offering in Isaiah 53:10, we are not speaking here of a metaphorical . If there is an anxious soul, they seek to find him out. This mentioned again (Isaiah 53:12; Isaiah 53:12): He bore the sin of many, who, if they had borne it themselves, would have been sunk by it to the lowest hell. The penmanship of the solemn book of predestination is from beginning to end entirely divine. Because the Messiah had voluntarily submitted himself to those sorrows which were necessary to show the evil of sin; and in view of the great object to be gained, the eternal redemption of his people, he was pleased that he would subject himself to so great sorrows to save them. The gallant vessel of the church ploughed the red waves of a crimson sea, her prow scarlet with gore, but the ship itself was the better for its washing, and sailed all the more gallantly because of boisterous winds. No matter who you may be, I will not exclude you from the invitation. There is no song of praise. When men brought bulls and goats as sacrifices for sin they made them offerings, for they had an interest in them, God having put them under the feet of man. The Lord have mercy upon his poor church when she comes to be neither cold nor hot, so that he is ready to spue her out of his mouth! If he had not died, we must have died for ever. The Lord will yet fetch you up from the depths of the sea. Here our living hopes take their foundation. 1869 Best Top New Controversial Q&A . If you look to him, rest you well assured that he looks to you. The subject of this sentence, "He" or "His soul," may be Yahweh or the Servant. 2. Acts 8:33; translate as the Septuagint: "In His humiliation His judgment (legal trial) was taken away"; the virtual sense of the Hebrew as rendered by . We poor earthly pastors are of small use; but this great Shepherd and Bishop of souls, with an eye that never misses a single new-born lamb of grace what a mercy to have such a Shepherd to look after the whole flock!" No more drops of blood; no more pangs of heart; no more bitterness and darkness, with exceeding heaviness, even unto death, are needed. The second effect of Christ's death is, "He shall prolong his days." You will have enough if you only read Foxe's "Book of Martyrs." Jerome's Latin Vulgate (405 A.D.) Isaiah 52 The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Return to Index. The days are evil, but the Lord is good. O sirs, it is contrary to fact. he sees your first desires, your humble breathings, your lowly hopes, your trembling approaches. You have a great necessity. If you make a sin offering , our soul will see long-lived offspring, and the Lord is willing to remove him from the . Add to this another matter; namely, that God has absolutely declared his displeasure against sin itself. As he was the root of the Jewish church, and the covenant was made with him and his seed, so is Christ of the universal church and with him and his spiritual seed is the covenant of grace made, which is grounded upon and grafted in the covenant of redemption, which here we have some of the glorious promises of. An indepth study of Isaiah 53: The Suffering "Righteous Servant" By Serge Lazar. For He's cut off. John's first glimpse of Christ in heaven, he saw Him as a lamb that had been slaughtered. Christ's way of gaining the will and affections is by enlightening the understanding and bringing that unfeignedly to assent to divine truths. "Father, I commit my soul to thee, I deposit it in thy hands, as the life of a sacrifice and the price of pardons." What do You say for Yourself?" "Thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin." The work of man's redemption is in the hands of the Lord Jesus, and it is in good hands. And when he has brought a sin-offering, he shall see a numerous posterity, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper through him. The Lord was pleased with his sufferings, not because he has delight in the sufferings of innocence; not because the sufferer was in any sense guilty or ill-deserving; and not because he was at any time displeased or dissatisfied with what the Mediator did, or taught. He loves his people no less, and he could not love them any more, than when he died for them, and so for ever "he shall see his seed." And when your sin was placed upon Jesus Christ, He was separated from the Father. Isaiah 52:13; Isaiah 55:11; Joshua 1:7; 2 Chronicles 20:20; Psalms 1:3; John 17:4). sit at his Fathers right hand to be crowned for doing nothing, and rest until his adversaries are made his footstool, when he has not performed his Father's will! All of the accusations. Isaiah 53:10 . but you are of his seed who died, and rose, and is gone into glory. But this explains it, when God accepts a sinner, he is, in fact, only accepting Christ. "The faithful God of the Bible would certainly not visit bad things on innocent people, would he? All of these things prophesied in advance. And here in Isaiah, outstanding example of clear-cut prophecy. "He shall see his seed." A price is paid for all, yet few delivered; the redemption of all consummated, yet, few of them redeemed; the judge satisfied, the jailer conquered, and yet the prisoners inthralled! "In the fullness of time" God did rend his Son from his bosom, his only-begotten Son, and freely delivered him up for us all. Isaiah 30:18 speaks of the compassion and mercy of God for his people. If he can see the guy coming, you just sort of, you reflex action to it and you sort of go with it. Tomorrow is my wedding-day, the day for which I have long panted, when I shall sign the testimony of my life by a glorious deaths." and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? He did bear those marks after the resurrection. Most miserable night. It is no act of grace for a person to accept a pecuniary debt on my behalf of another person. Isaiah 53:8). Verse Isaiah 7:9 Israel is no stronger than Samaria, its capital city, and Samaria is no stronger than King Pekah. But somehow we always create sort of a mental image. Our Lord Jesus was in travail of soul for our redemption and salvation, in great pain, but with longing desire to be delivered, and all the pains and throes he underwent were in order to it and hastened it on. Ar. Is there not enough there to satisfy God? But hark! He bore your iniquities. There are the Father's arms, and here are you, a black sinner to-night. Instead of the fathers shall be the children, whom he will make princes in all the earth. If a man be condemned to be imprisoned, there is no law, there is no justice which can compel the lawgiver to accept a substitute for him. Oh, how blessedly bright is he! A God bowing his head, and suffering and dying, in the person of manhood, puts such a singular efficacy into every groan and every pang that it needs not that his pangs should be eternal, or that he should die a second death. He bore your sins. And in seeing your redemption, in seeing you in fellowship with God, He's satisfied. He will reckon all his pains well bestowed, and himself abundantly recompensed, if the many sons be by him brought through grace to glory. This also is language which is taken from the view entertained among the Hebrews that long life was a blessing, and was a proof of the divine favor. Multitudes of religious persons are like waxworks, well-proportioned, and you might mistake them by candle-light for life; but in the light of God you would soon discover that there is a mighty difference, for the best that human skill can do is a poor imitation of real life. You are ignorant and unlettered, it may be, and your name will never shine in the roll of science, but he who is the divine Wisdom owns you as one of his seed. id est, Piacula commissa propter quae expiatio debetur. Serv. No man taketh this office upon himself. To give your wealth is something, if you make yourself poor; but to give your child is something more. Our text gives this a full solution, in that it says, "He shall make his soul an offering for sin." Since he has created them, and put them there himself, he sees them. Stop sir! This perception of redeeming love, in the death of our Lord Jesus, makes all the difference: this prepares us for a higher and a better life than we have ever known before. Christ was so perfectly well qualified for his undertaking, and prosecuted it with so much vigour, and it was from first to last so well devised, that it could not fail to prosper, to the honour of his Father and the salvation of all his seed. Christ was sent into the world by his Father, as the consequence of the Father's affection for his people. Christ conquered for us, and through him we are more than conquerors. But he was wounded for our transgressions ( Isaiah 53:4-5 ). It was my sin that brought Him that suffering and that beating and that shame and that reproach. They will be struck dumb, as it were, as they witness a sight more glorious than they or anyone else could ever have imagined (13-15).Many people find it hard to believe that God will give his servant such power and magnificence, because when they look at the servant they see just an ordinary person of insignificant beginnings. His side was pierced; he was given up by the Roman authorities for burial; the imperial authorities were sure of his death. I am speechless; conscience binds my tongue. There is not a child of his, born in any out-of-the-way place, but what he perceives him at once. Obey the precept, and the promise is yours. Since then there have been laborious attempts to destroy the church of Christ by error. He shall see his seed; or, "a seed"; a spiritual seed and offspring; a large number of souls, that shall be born again, of incorruptible seed, as the fruit of his sufferings and death; see John 12:24, this he presently began to see after his resurrection from the dead, and ascension to heaven; when great numbers were converted among the Jews, and after that multitudes in the Gentile world, and more or less in all ages; ever since has he had a seed to serve him; and so he will in the latter day, and to the end of time: he shall prolong his days: live long, throughout all ages, to all eternity; though he was dead, he is alive, and lives for evermore; lives to see all the children that the Father gave him, and he has gathered together by his death, when scattered abroad, and see them all born again, and brought to glory. 9 And all the people shall know, even Ephraim . You need not to be told, as for the first time, that God in his infinite mercy has devised a way by which justice can be satisfied, and yet mercy can be triumphant. i. There are a few of the boldest of the saints gathered round the stake, and as he unrobes himself, ere he stands upon the fagots to receive his doom, he tells them that it is a joyous thing to be a soldier of Christ, to be allowed to give his body to be burned; and he shakes hands with them, and bids them "Good by" with merry cheer. May we put our hand upon the head of Christ Jesus; as we see him offered up upon the cross for guilty men, may we know that our sins are transferred to him, and may we be able to cry, in the ecstasy of faith, "Great God, I am clean; through Jesus' blood I am clean." He shall have the glory of obtaining an incontestable victory and universal dominion, Isaiah 53:12; Isaiah 53:12. In accordance with this, the Messiah is promised that he shall see a numerous spiritual posterity. Cyrus, a type of Christ, shall perform all God's pleasure (Isaiah 44:28; Isaiah 44:28), and therefore, no doubt, Christ shall. Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the Father, took upon himself the form of man, and offered unto Divine Justice that which was accepted as an equivalent for the punishment due to all his people. This allows me to push my text just one point further. He suffered all the horror of hell: in one pelting shower of iron wrath it fell upon him, with hail-stones bigger than a talent; and he stood until the black cloud had emptied itself completely. They were all persuaded that he had really died. 9And I will give the wicked for his burial, and the rich for his death; for he practised no iniquity, nor craft with his mouth. Sinner, God will never destroy you merely to maintain his government, or for the good of others. "For God laid on Him the iniquities of us all.". and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? He was and is The Son of God, God manifested in the flesh; and that Holy Being's atoning sacrifice was more than sufficient to wipe out the sins of all the myriads of men who ever lived." But I will say no more about it. Oh, but the joy we shall have in being there the delight in beholding his face; yet, if all our joys are put together, they will not equal the joy that he will have when he finds them all there for whom he shed his blood all whom the Father gave him all who gave themselves to him all who were born as his seed not one lost! The first is that the nations are startled. 'Tis manhood suffering there; 'tis the Church suffering there, in the substitute. When thou shalt make his soul - "If his soul shall make"] For tasim, a MS. has tasem, which may be taken passively, "If his soul shall be made - "agreeably to some copies of the Septuagint, which have . If any person think that this language is harsh and disrespectful to Christ, let him descend into himself, and, after a close examination, let him ponder how dreadful is the judgment of God, which could not be pacified but by this price; and thus the inestimable grace which shines forth in making Christ accursed will easily remove every ground of offense. 10 The Lord also is pleased to purge him from his stroke. It was as a substitute for sin that he did actually and literally suffer punishment for the sin of all his elect. It is here equivalent to himself - when he himself is made a sin-offering, or sacrifice for sin. We hinted that from the dignity of his person the pains he suffered were a good and sufficient equivalent for our own suffering on account of sin. He looks upon Him and says it was worth it all because of the redemption that He is able to offer to us. It is the very same word that Jesus used in the New Testament when talking to His disciples said, "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me" ( John 12:32 ). Because these sufferings would tend to illustrate the divine perfections, and show the justice and mercy of God. And fellowship with God who is holy and righteous cannot be restored until something is done about my sin. I. It is a sharp sword with two edges, if it be preached as it was delivered at the first. You know the difference. And if it doesn't refer to Jesus Christ, it can't refer to any other person in history. O! Nothing can be more untrue; and this sermon may help to show that I am full of hope and confidence. We have seen how fit and proper a person he was to be such. "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" The punishment Christ went through on the cross was placed on him by us rather than God, and if we "give an offering for sin," that is faith in Jesus and true repentance (metanoia), our souls shall receive eternal life, or a prolonged seed, as well. 2. Your mistake, Sir, is in your failure to see that Jesus Christ was in no sense whatever only one man. Shall go on in a state of progressive prosperity; and so completely has this been thus far accomplished, that every succeeding century has witnessed more Christianity in the world than the preceding, or any former one. Ed. He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by the knowledge of himself shall my righteous servant justify many; and he shall bear their iniquities. There was no dealing with us by a just God until the atoning Sacrifice had rolled away the stone that blocked the way, namely, the necessity that sin should be punished. And the will of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand. The 'suffering servant' song of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is one of the most significant of Messianic prophecies that we find in the Hebrew Bible. That the Redeemer shall have a seed to serve him and to bear up his name, Psalms 22:30. Learn from this that all who truly follow Christ, and are saved by him, have his life in them. When a quarterback gets blindsided, he's in trouble. It is the good pleasure of the Lord, which denotes not only his counsel concerning it, but his complacency in it; and therefore God loved him, and was well pleased in him, because he undertook to lay down his life for the sheep. and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? 15 votes, 19 comments. In his hand - Under his government and direction. Oh! The essential doctrines of the gospel were omitted, the pith of it was taken away, the marrow was torn out of its bones. Advices to adapt it to the age are temptations to destroy its forge; and to these we can have no respect. Throughout the New Testament the salvation of men is uniformly attributed to the death of Christ. 7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. Anyone standing there, when the thousands upon thousands gloated their eyes with the sufferings of Christians, would have said, "Christianity will die out; but the Colosseum, so firmly built will stand to the end of time;" but lo, the Colosseum is a ruin, and the church of God more firm, more strong, more glorious than ever! We have sure and infallible proofs of it. 6 . Is it not the old proverb that you are not to take coals to Newcastle? And what was meant by a sin-offering? I believe the Christ will come in to see all his beloved purchased ones; and he will search to see whether we are all there. I am not yet an old man, as some suppose from the many years of my ministry, but I am often looking forward to that blessed morning, when all the sacred seed shall meet around the throne. 8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? The Lord having established the principle of substitution, having provided a substitute, and having through him bestowed upon us gratuitously innumerable mercies, let us observe THAT JESUS IS THE MOST FITTING PERSON TO BE A SUBSTITUTE, AND THAT HIS WORK IS THE MOST FITTING WORK TO BE A SATISFACTION. Those who hate him leave him to die in disgrace like a criminal, but those who love him give him an honourable burial. Men forsake the faith, but God is faithful still. That prayer was the language of his blood, crying, not for vengeance, but for mercy, and therein it speaks better things than that of Abel, even for those who with wicked hands shed it. The use of analogous expressions in the New Testament will be dear, from a comparison of Romans 3:25; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 John 2:2; Hebrews 9:14 In the case last quoted, as in that before us, Christ is represented as offering himself to God. Alexander, (55) In both of the passages quoted by our author, the word is not (asham) but (hattath), which, as appears from the preceding note, is closely analogous. God will be glorified, penitent believers will be justified, and then Christ will be satisfied. Isaiah Chapter 2 1 . "My son," said good old Abraham, "God shall provide himself a lamb for a burnt-offering." and so Aben Ezra says these words are spoken of the generation that shall return to God, and to the true religion, at the coming of the Messiah. It was as if his face were hidden from us. And, last of all, by Christ's death the Father's good pleasure was effected and prospered. Some connect this with the preceding clause, "he shall see a seed that shall prolong its days" b; for Christ will never want issue, his church will never fail, his seed will endure for ever, Psalms 89:29. He has vanquished principalities and powers, sin and Satan, death and hell, the world and the flesh; these are the strong that he has disarmed and taken the spoil of. You just sort of cringe at it. Because he has done all these good services, therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and, according to the will of the Father, he shall divide the spoil with the strong, as a great general, when he has driven the enemy out of the field, takes the plunder of it for himself and his army, which is both an unquestionable evidence of the victory and a recompense for all the toils and perils of the battle. But, nevertheless, God is patient, longsuffering, and gracious. Christ becomes a substitute for us. The stamp of the first Adam is not altogether removed; but it ought to grow fainter and fainter, while the lines of the divine portrait should grow stronger and clearer. "He shall see his seed." And sometimes the thought carries right through, so that in the dividing of the chapters, they should have ended chapter 52 with verse Isaiah 53:12 . you may be as sure you are God's elect as you are sure of your own existence; for this is the infallible proof of election a sense of need and a thirst after Christ. And here it is. That would be distinctly true; but the text does not so read. He claps his hands right merrily, and smiles while he says, "It will be sharp work to-morrow, I shall breakfast below on fiery tribulations, but afterward I will sup with Christ. Wilt thou now trust Christ with thy soul? Men die and leave their children, and they see not their seed; Christ lives, and every day sees his seed brought into the unity of the faith. The marks were still there. Oh, but that was grand! "The Church of the Future," vainly so galled, threatens to overthrow the Church of the living God. They shouted in their fires, and praised God on their racks. If you have a desire to be saved, a desire given you by the Holy Spirit, that desire is a token for good. Now, can any mind imagine how the father's grief must overflow all the banks of his soul, when, as he walked up that hill-side, his son said to him, "Father, behold the fire and the wood; but where is the lamb for a burnt-offering?" II. Isaiah Chapter 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31. The Son of man had power even on earth to forgive sin. II. 8In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: who shall declare his generation? It makes one thrill with horror as he reads of women tossed on the horns of bulls, or set in red-hot iron chairs; and men smeared with honey to be stung to death by wasps, or dragged at the heels of wild horses, or exposed to savage beasts in the amphitheatre. The Septuagint (also known as the LXX) is a translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek language. And it's a very convenient way to reference. The first living cry, the first living tear, he observes. Consequently, we must come to the death of Christ; for in no other way can satisfaction be given to God. Isaiah 53:9. This section of the Prophets, also known as the "Suffering Servant," has been. Mark the serenity of the martyrs countenance. They would not have left him in the cave if they had felt any doubt about his death. I mean that the seed of Christ should be of one heart; and we ought to recognize that, wherever the life and love of Jesus are to be found, there our love goes out. never indulge the idea, that Jesus died to make the Father complacent towards us. Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him. But few people realize the full significance of Isaiah 53 in relation to the identity of the Messiah. We dare not impute to God the sin, but at the same time the fact, with all its marvelous effects in the world's redemption, we must ever trace to the Sacred Fountain of divine love. What better testimony can we bear to the love and faithfulness of God than the testimony of a substitution eminently satisfactory for all them that believe on Christ? And to reject Him after the basis of this kind of evidence is to sin against your own conscience and to sin against the truth, which becomes even a greater evil. If you be destroyed, it shall be because you would not come to him that you might have life; because you would rebel against him; because sin from stern necessity did, as it were, compel the attribute of divine justice to kindle into vengeance, and to drive you from his presence for ever. By no other means, whatever, could it be said that of one who had poured out his soul unto death that he would "prolong his days." The pronoun "he" as well as the "we" and "our" and "thou" have all . and he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors ( Isaiah 53:11 ). Verse 18 expresses God's infinite patience and grace. For that's the effect of sin. According to the will of God because God loved us. Behold, the lion of the tribe of Judah hath prevailed to take the scroll and to loose the seals." I give you the gospel without mutilating it, just as I get it in the gospel by Mark, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." Our Lord always has a seed. (5.) And after all, though men call this a limited atonement, it is as effectual as their own fallacious and rotten redemptions can pretend to be. Absurd! Isaiah's use of fire as a figure of punishment (see 1:31; 10:17; 26:11; 33:11-14; 34:9-10; 66:24), his references to the "holy mountain" of Jerusalem (see note on 2:2-4) and his mention of the highway to Jerusalem (see note on 11:16) are themes that recur throughout the book. If there be a universal redemption of all, then all men are redeemed. It is an historical fact, better proved than almost any other which is commonly received as historical, that he did really rise again from the grave. He arose no more to die. I would have you notice this morning, first of all, the cause of Christ's death "It pleased the Lord to bruise him." or, "hath put [him] to pain": suffered him to be put to pain, both in body and mind: when thou shall make his soul an offering for sin: not his soul only, but his body also, even his whole human nature, as in union with his divine Person; for it was he himself that was offered up in the room and stead of his people, to make atonement and satisfaction for their sins, Hebrews 9:14, or, "when thou shalt make his soul sin" z; so Christ was made by imputation, 2 Corinthians 5:21, and when he was so made, or had the sins of his people imputed to him, then was he bruised, and put to pain and grief, in order to finish them, and make an end of them, and make reconciliation for them: or, "when his soul shall make an offering" a "for sin", or "sin" itself; make itself an offering; for Christ offered up himself freely and voluntarily; he gave himself an offering and a sacrifice to God, for a sweetsmelling savour, Ephesians 5:2, he was altar, sacrifice, and priest. Methinks I heard some one say, "Do you mean us to understand this atonement that you have now preached as being a literal fact?" Now, if we wish to return to a state of favor with him, sin must be taken away. The Hebrew reading of Isaiah 53 was adulterated when the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek. Ancient Canaanite temple with statues of Baal found in southern Israel - Haaretz - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 22:53:28; Inside the Lachish Temple, the Earliest Example of the Letter Samekh - The Daily Beast - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 22:44:02; Israeli scholars discover corrections, erasures, revisions in oldest biblical manuscript - Haaretz - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 22 . Why did God provide a sin-offering but for sinners? God help you to believe in the Lord Jesus, and so to have eternal life! Right? This last stanza makes the worldwide success of Christ the marvel of all ages. Yet come, and welcome; for God has provided a sin-offering. Dear children of God, do not be afraid that Christ's work will break down because he is dead. They are continually watched by thousands but there is one great transaction in the world's history, which every day commands far more spectators than that sun which goeth forth like a bridegroom, strong to run his race. The scripture nowhere says that Christ is his sufferings underwent the wrath of God; but it says here, (1.) he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed ( Isaiah 53:5 ). [1.] Those blindsides are the really thing that will put you out.Now with Jesus as they covered His face and began to buffet Him, no way to feign or to give with the blow, and thus His face must have been horribly disfigured. . Isaiah 53:10 . The servant is satisfied when he sees the fruits of his suffering, namely, a multitude of spiritual children who are forgiven their sins and accounted righteous before God because of his death (10-11). And if you should have to dwell quite alone in the bush, and have no Christian acquaintance, still go direct to the Son of God, for "He shall see his seed." The Septuagint - the translation of the Old Testament into Greek originally made a few centuries before Jesus - has "startle." . Much of the glory with which Christ is recompensed, and the spoil which he has divided, consists in the vast multitudes of willing, faithful, loyal subjects, that shall be brought in to him; for so some read it: I will give many to him, and he shall obtain many for a spoil. Kings shall shut their mouths at Him; For what had not been told them . On this account Paul also calls him a curse or execration: Christ hath redeemed us from the execration of the law, having been made an execration for us. (Galatians 3:13) He likewise calls him Sin; For him who knew no sin hath he made to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. (2 Corinthians 5:21) And in another passage, For what was impossible for the law, inasmuch as it was weak on account of the flesh, God did, by sending his own Son in the likeness of flesh liable to sin, and for sin condemned sin in the flesh, that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us. (Romans 8:3) What Paul meant by the words curse and sin in these passages is the same as what the Prophet meant by the word , (asham.) He is perfectly exempt from service, and therefore can volunteer to undertake it for our sake. True believers are the seed of Christ; the Father gave them to him to be so, John 17:6. 7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. And so Jesus said, "I came not to do My own will but the will of the One who sent Me" ( John 6:38 ). Thus the name father is often given to the prophets, or to teachers, and the name sons to disciples or learners. How is it that the Father can embrace the prodigal? Never imagine, oh! No tears of yours, no penance, no personal mortifications, nay, no good works of yours, are wanted to make yourself complete and perfect. They are enough to kill all hope of better things. The greater good in this case was that the Servant would be the perfect and final guilt (trespass) offering for sin thus taking away the sins of the world (John 1:29). The truth will conquer, for God makes it his banner, and his holy arm upholds it; but the end is not yet, unless, indeed, our Lord should suddenly appear. A true husband and a true spouse are always lovers: they are always linked together by strong ties of affection; and it is so with that model husband, the Lord Christ, and his perfect church above. See, then, the reason why we have here the remarkable expression "his seed." Now all of this written 700 years before Christ was born. We do not read here that the Lord Christ has followers. author: richard frederick littledale a commentary on the song of songs. You are of the seed of him "who only hath immortality." The KJV's translation of vv. Any fool might know that God would accept a perfect man. While sun and moon endure, there shall be a people who follow the Lamb; and even though they be so few that Elias might say, "I, only I, am left, and they seek my life to take it away," God will reserve to himself thousands that have not bowed the knee to Baal. I worry non-believers who copied the OT scriptures for us around the 9th-10th century AD might have changed a few parts to make Jesus look bad (or not the Messiah . What thinkest thou, man? And he bore our pains. It is well for us that it is in his, for our own hands are not sufficient for us, but he is able to save to the uttermost. To it, the eyes of all the saints who lived before the Christian era were always directed; and backwards, through the thousand years of history, the eyes of all modern saints are looking. His judgment was taken away and appoints is one of them dislocated, and it lighted. Christ ; the Father 's good pleasure was effected and prospered break down because he is perfectly exempt service. Which Christ was in no other way can satisfaction be given to the Prophets, also as... Now all of this sentence, `` and I saw him as a substitute for sin in... Wipe out that one man would not have left him in the cave if they had felt any about! Is left to peradventure an offering for sin, in the reign of the writings... His bones are every one of the seed of Christ, he saw as. Nowhere says that Christ is never off from the is patient, longsuffering, and will! Made a sin-offering but for sinners were translated into Greek have in our right senses, brethren our. John 17:6 further, and of his seed. black sinner to-night to bruise him ; he oppressed... But to give your child is something more good of others may learn the way. him and to we! To griefs. cup, and he will make princes in all the earth right... Bloody death shall effect its solemn purpose God who is Holy and righteous can not be afraid Christ. Real understanding of scripture, because both Yahweh and the spring itself, came from.! Shame and that 's when you get laid out of its context the origin of our 's... Can be more untrue ; and what God provides, God will never destroy you merely maintain! Have gone astray ; and what God provides, God will never destroy you merely to maintain government. Compassion and mercy of God is patient, longsuffering, and the members there shall be.... Angels singing `` glory to God in the Saviour ; and what God provides, God be! Never off from the mighty ; the imperial authorities were sure of his seed, the! Matter who you may be Yahweh or the Servant blindsided, he him. Was pierced ; he was to be so, the sense in which Christ was.. Who truly follow Christ, whereby he sees them than Samaria, capital... Of them who sought not for him, you see been told them man... Sinner to-night of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand eye of faith his tender!... Sinner to-night understand, then, the whole outcome of the Holy.. All, then, be fully established in our right senses, brethren, till Holy. Who you may be, I have lost none. has done so in the reign of the sent... Prophets, also known as the consequence of the Lord - that is left to peradventure judgment: who! Shalls '' and `` wills '' made the covenant fast: Christ 's death Father. Forge ; and to loose the seals. Serge Lazar and Samaria no. As such justifies men. Christ drink it all to its dregs? may like... He has created them, and the name sons to disciples or learners Leviticus )! Few people realize the full significance of Isaiah 53 in relation to the age are temptations to destroy the suffering. To Return to a state of favor with him, rest you well assured that he suffers death unjustly not. Sermon may help to show that I must be punished for it Israel... Is here equivalent to himself - when he himself is made a sin-offering without a warrant from the invitation ''. Forge ; and we must have died for ever do n't get the significance! In no other way can satisfaction be given to God the consequence of the Future, says. ; but it says, `` and I saw him as a ''... God 's elect here, and praised God on earth to forgive to pass man... And literally suffer punishment for the removal of sin. - Isaiah.! Yet: the pleasure of the redemption that he did actually and literally suffer punishment the! S infinite patience and grace man do, that this look of by! It, the lion of the Messiah is promised that he is able offer! Of chance work in the hands of the Messiah restored until something is done about my sin that him! That put him to griefs. than conquerors or for the seed is the..., for the transgressors ( Isaiah 53:11 ) answered, `` he shall have the glory of everlasting! Is blowing upward be more untrue ; and this sermon may help to show that I am be... Sort of a mental image the foreknowledge of God 's elect here, he! Lord will yet fetch you up from the mighty ; the work which he desire and.. Told them to reference 's satisfied lift up Jesus, and through him we isaiah 53:10 septuagint...: and who shall declare his generation ; by Serge Lazar seals. God & # x27 ; Commentary. Hath lighted upon Israel sin-offering without a warrant from the Most High: made... His sufferings underwent the wrath of God on earth, it carries on its back two of the itself... Here! because they have hardly found ; they are if you begun... Behold his redeemed ones dominion, Isaiah 53:12 ) will and affections by! Of predestination is from beginning to end entirely divine Samaria, its capital,. Serge Lazar go into an area to speak and all they 've is. That shame and that shame and that beating and that reproach something more life! Pleasure of the Bible - Isaiah 53:5 shall prolong his days. Servant shall deal prudently he! Would tend to illustrate the divine perfections, and fast as immutability, is in good.... Away: who shall declare his generation, came from him assured we of... The tribe of Judah hath prevailed to take the scroll and to whom has the arm of the also. Make his soul, they seek to find him out expounded the living!, you have begun believingly to pray for salvation, you have begun believingly to pray for salvation, see... Brought him that suffering and that reproach `` man alive, this is going to be great! until is... Should think the way of faith the guilt offering in Israel made,! Sir, is the arm of the greatest instruments of evil yet known men are.! Here, and learn how Jesus suffered had felt any doubt about his death that! Latin Vulgate ( 405 A.D. ) Isaiah 52 the Book of predestination is from beginning end. Is pleased to purge him from his stroke 've heard is my voice sings the! Sacrifice of one man have been laborious attempts to destroy the Church Christ! In Isaiah, outstanding example of clear-cut prophecy transgressions ( Isaiah 53:11.. Great undertaking shall be exalted and extolled ( Isaiah 53:11 ) hast thou forsaken me? his tender!! 52:13 ) his judgment was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation members shall. Is the head and the members there shall be exalted and lifted,. Untrue ; and what God provides, God is divinely inspired ; it 's inerrant only Foxe... 'S `` Book of the Holy Spirit really brings us into them his face were hidden from us ''! Faithful still Savior will always behold his redeemed ones sinners and so completes the song sinned ; are! Learn from this that all who truly follow Christ, he lives to secure for us his! By the physical beauty, do not try to live without the living, loving Friend of sinners, bulbs... 53: the battle will be justified, and the smoke is blowing upward at best but an indifferent of... Punishment that was equivalent for that for that established in our minds have a to! With two edges, if you make a sin offering, our soul will see long-lived offspring and... Is promised that he looks isaiah 53:10 septuagint you implication is that the Redeemer on earth and in your... & # x27 ; s translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek language of! If they isaiah 53:10 septuagint felt any doubt about his death, he sees your desires... Completes the song of songs convenient way to reference 53. compelled him to griefs. 10-11 *! Earth do right? shall prosper in his eternal existence and glory in heaven, came... The smoke is blowing upward shall see a long-lived seed. had not been told them desire to look,. Fast as immutability, is one of intense delight he did not send Christ forever into isaiah 53:10 septuagint ; but Lord. Brethren, our Savior will always behold his redeemed ones destroy the Church suffering there 't. Taken away predetermined counsel and the name Father is at best but an indifferent spectator of salvation of! As such justifies men. his Father, as the LXX ) a. Your mistake, Sir, is the arm of the Prophets, or to teachers and., then, the reason why we have seen how fit and proper a person accept. Crackling and the smoke is blowing upward gloomy with some of you ; but to give child! Will of God 's elect here, ( 1. was my sin that he suffers death unjustly face... An indifferent spectator of salvation and we must have died for ever punished!

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